Conversation Analytics

The graphs below are from a real polis conversation and illustrate an important point. Polis engages lurkers - users who don't engage if their sole option is to write a comment.

Number of unique hits, voters, and comment authors over time

This graph shows participation rates across three segments:

  • Users who loaded the page
  • Users who wrote and submitted a comment
  • Users who clicked agree and disagree at least once

~1% of users commented. ~25% of users voted.

Hits, Voters, Comment Authors Image

Votes per participant

The graph above begs a question: of those who voted, how much did they vote? The next graph gives us insight in to that. People vote a lot!

The light gray bars denote users who voted less than 7 times. These users are not included in the statistical computation or the visualization, because of a lack of data for them.

Votes per participant image

Number of votes over time

How many votes were cast, and when?

Votes over time image

Comments over time

How does that compare to the number of comments submitted? In this conversation, there were ~250x more votes than comments!

Comments over time image

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