You can embed polis on your site or in your app the way you would a YouTube video or a comment system. The process is simple: add a script tag which loads an <iframe/> asynchronously.

There are two options: manually creating embedded conversations or having Polis create them automatically in your templates.

Creating each conversation manually:

  1. In the admin console, click +new
  2. Give your conversation a topic and description (default none)
  3. Decide what flavor of moderation you'd like, lazy or strict (default lazy)
  4. Click create
  5. Copy out the script tag
  6. Paste it into the HTML of your site where you'd like the <iframe/> to appear.

Creating conversations automatically:

Copy and paste this into a template (blog posts, news articles, etc).

<script async="true" src="https://pol.is/embed.js"></script>

When this embed code loads, it will either create a new conversation (if one doesn't already exist) or load an existing conversation. Your job is to replace PAGE_ID in your template. PAGE_ID is the lookup Polis uses to keep track of what conversations belongs on what page.

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