Default Settings

Polis is highly configurable. Learning the defaults is a great way to get a sense of what you can do.

Setting Default Description
Strict moderation off If strict moderation is turned off, all comments are eligible to be shown as soon as they are submitted by a participant. If strict moderation is turned on, no comments will be shown until approved.
Comment form on If the comment form is on, participants will be able to write comments. If the comment form is off, participants will not be able to submit comments. Only comments already in the system or seed comments will be shown.
Visualization on Show the visualization to participants, or don't.
Social login buttons on Show Twitter and Facebook buttons underneath visualization and comment form, or don't. More generally, prompt users to sign into Polis. Users who are already signed in with social will remain signed in.
Social share buttons on Show social share buttons on the top of the UI. Disabled by default when embedded, as you probably don't want to share a link back to but to your site. We assume in the embedded scenario that you are.
Embed code shown to users off Allow users to embed your conversation on their own site. Think of YouTube video embedding.

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