You can have your first Polis conversation up and tweeted in less than a minute. Here's how.

  1. Create an account
  2. Once you're logged in, click +new
  3. Optionally give your conversation a topic and description
  4. Decide what flavor of moderation you'd like, lazy or strict
  5. Go to 'comments' on the left hand side, then go to 'seed'. Add some default perspectives for people to vote on so that the conversation isn't empty when they arrive.
  6. Go to share and grab the link (it will look something like pol.is/55555) to paste into an email, a tweet, etc.
  7. Go to your conversation, watch responses roll in, etc.

No comments will be shown if you enable strict moderation mode. Make sure to moderate comments into the conversation!

If your conversation is pol.is/55555, you will find your admin console at pol.is/m/55555.

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